I cannot register my card online – error message ‘card does not exist’.

  • Your card must have been scanned at the Post Office to Register i.e. you must have points on the card before you can register online.
  • It can also take a few hours from getting your card scanned at the Post Office to being able to register online


My Password is invalid

  • When setting up your password please ensure there are minimum 8 characters.
  • Use at least one CAPITAL letter, One Number, and use at least one symbol e.g. $%&**(*(
  • Sample Password: – Sample123$

    My Username is invalid

    • If your username is invalid, please try adding additional characters to your username. Instead of just using your Firstname try Firstname123 or your Firstname and Surname.


    How do I check how many points I have

    • When you sign in – at the top of the page on the right-hand corner there is a tab for my account. Click on the myaccount tab.
      This will bring you to your account settings – on the right-hand column there is a list of 5 tabs you can click into – underneath this list – you will find the information on how many points you have.


    I forgot to hand in my card at the Post Office – Can I get points for transactions previoulsy completed.

  • No, Unfortunatley, points can only be allocated at the time of the transaction.

    I have requested a Password Reset. I have not received an email.

    • Please check Spam / Clutter / Junk Mail Folders. The email may have been redirected into one of these folders.